Cooking In The dark
Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight

Join Dale and Cheryl for some creamy potato chetter cheese soup.

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Join Dale and Cheryl for some deviled eggs and a cheeseball.  

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Join Dale and Cheryl for some spooky witch's fingers and some popcorn balls for Halloween.

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Join Dale and Cheryl as they carve a pumpkin, cook some pumpkin seeds, and make a harvest pumpkin apple bread.


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Join Dale And Cheryl for a sugar pumpkin stuffed with spinach and some jackolantern burgers.

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Join Dale, Cheryl, and their special guest Chelsea Cook for some pigs in a blanket and delicious pancakes.

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Join Dale and Cheryl for some homemade corn bread and taco soup.

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Join Dale and cheryl for some fluffy jello dessert and some macaroni and cheese with sausage.

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Join Dale and cheryl for some nox jello blocks, chocolate cookies, peanut butter frosting, and baked cheese sticks.

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Join Dale and Cheryl for some lettuce wraps and some chocolate-covered frozen bananas.

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