Cooking In The dark
Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight

Join Dale,

cheryl, Tim, and their special guest Phil Parr for the 100th show of Cooking In the Dark with a trip down memory lane.

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Join Dale and cheryl for some delicious cheese balls.


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Join Dale and cheryl for some delicious ways to cook ham.


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Join Dale, his special guest Skyler, and the handyman crew for some delicious gingerbread cookies and some other great Christmas cookies.

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Join Dale, Cheryl, and their special guest Karen Karsh for some creative cooking to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers.


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Join dale and cheryl for Dale's famous stuffing.

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Join Dale and Cheryl for a great turkey breast dinner with all the fixings.


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Join Dale and cheryl for some fried turkey.

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Join Dale and cheryl for some mowi chicken and a crockpot cookie cake.

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Join Dale and cheryl for some delicious summertime drinks. 

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