Cooking In The dark
Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight
Join Dale and Cheryl for some bread and a delicious cabbage recipe.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some delicious cinnamon rolls and some hot chocolate. / .
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some peanut clusters, rice crispy treats, and hot chocolate.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some banana cookies and some sugar cookies.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some turkey and dumplings.
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Join Dale for a Thanksgiving turkey.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for Dale's famous sausage, apple and pecan stuffing.
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Join Dale and Cheryl as they make some great calzones.
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Join Dale anc Cheryl for some delicious breakfast, including sausages, potatoes, and eggs.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some crockpot chicken tortillas and an extra surprise snack.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for an easy tortilla soup and a twenty-four-hour salad.
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Join Dale and cheryl for some delicious peanut butter cookies and oatmeala cookies.
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Join Dale, Cheryl, Phil Parr, Steve Cummings, and Bob bartlett for the 200th cooking in the dark program
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Join Dale and Cheryl for a 15-bean soup and some homemade cornbread.
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Join Dale and Tim for the Valentine's Day show, including a broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole, some baked fish, and a delicious crabmeat appetizer.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some artichoke cheese dip and some delicious buffalo chicken dip.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some homemade hot chocolate and some delicious snacks.
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