Cooking In The dark
Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight
Are you ready for some football? Well ready or not, Dale and Cheryl cook up some delicious snacks for the Super Bowl or any party you might be going to... Dale starts with Sausage Cheese Balls. These are so easy and are oh so good! They will be gone in a hurry! Dale then turns his attention to one of his Mom's favorites, Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos! Better make a lot of these cause they are Yummy! In the last few seconds of the show, Dale whips out the blender and shows you an easy dip that is served in one of Houstons best Mexican restaurants. Chewy's Ranch Jalapeno
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some rice crispy treats and some tortilla soup.

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Join Dale and Cheryl for some hot chocolate and baked potato soup.

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